• Charlotte Gyllenhammar

  • Huang Yong Ping

  • Lea Porsager

  • Ellen Ehk Åkesson

  • Map13BCN

  • John E Franzén

  • Lea Porsager

  • Myriam Lefkowitz

  • Mycket

  • Sofia Sundberg, Karl Tuikkanen & Ingo Vetter

  • Lina Selander

  • Sislej Xhafa

  • Huang Yong Ping

  • Åsa Elzén & Malin Arnell

  • Anastasia Ax

  • Ebba Matz

  • Public Movment

  • Mandana Moghaddam

  • Allora & Calzdadilla

  • Sophie Tottie

  • Michael Beutler

Public Art

Since 2015, I have been working for Public Art Agency Sweden (Statens konstråd) as photographer and filmmaker.

– Meeting artists working on government financed commissions in Sweden, doing various artwork for the public space.
The job itself moves visually in the borderland between architecture and freer forms of art. Static objects face deeper thoughts, which I interpret in a dialogue with the artist and curator.
The result is
displayed in magazines, documentaries, books, exhibitions etc. 

The art world from within is an complex and inspirational place to be in. Even if you are standing beside like an observer.

© Copyright Ricard Estay / Statens konstråd

Artist Portraits

  • Anastasia Ax

  • Santiago Cirugueda

  • Ulla Viotti

  • Enno Hallek

  • Anne Duk-Hee Jordan

  • Ylva Snöfrid

  • Lena Cronqvist

  • Danh Vo

  • John E Franzén

  • Pia Sandström

  • Ingegerd Råman

  • Linda Shamma

  • Lina Selander

  • Huang Yong Ping

  • Lea Porsager

  • Ernst Nordin

  • Berit Lindfeldt

  • Ilja Karilampi

  • Johanna Gustafsson Fürst
  • Clay Ketter